A leader in nutraceutical research and development for many years, Confidence USA, Inc. has emerged as a highly reputable international health and wellness company.

Confidence USA has been committed to functional health product development and R&D for the past years. Apart from simple fish oil and vitamin products, Confidence USA has developed a full range of products with advanced formulas. This has made people realize that natural products can provide real solutions for maintaining good health and optimal wellness.

Confidence USA, as the pioneer in plant-based health products, is firmly committed to applying the cutting-edge of nutritional science to our scientifically formulated products. We also guarantee ingredient safety, manufacturing stringency and product potency of our all-natural products.

We are one of the first in the world to combine Chinese medicine and Western medicine to formulate highly effective nutritional supplements. This unique approach to combining two different types of traditional medicines with modern day science results in supplement products that function nearly perfectly. For example, when developing the highly effective women’s product Fe-Mon-9, we used Dong Quai from China and Red Clover Flower from Holland.

In developing SuperCross, we used Gynostemma Pentaphyllum from North America and Tanshinone from China. In the Dr. Brain formula we combine pharnciutacl ingredient Huperzine A with Chinese herb Ginko biloba. For Prostate-7, he used Saw Palmetto from North America along with an herb used in Chinese medicine called Cistanche Tubulosa. This approach is not very typical, yet has resulted in long lasting formulas that have set the benchmark for the industry.

All our facilities are in compliance with GMP standards.