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What is bee propolis?

Propolis is a resin-like solid substance collected by bees from plant spores or tree trunks (gum) mixed with secretions from the palate and wax glands. This substance can seal and protect the entrance of the hive and prevent the spread of other harmful microorganisms.

How to tell the quality of propolis?

The quality of propolis is directly related to many environmental factors of its origin. Due to the difference in lcal climate and vegetation, the propolis produced by bees growing in various places also differs greatly in nutrients. Propolis from Brazil is also divided into green propolis, brown propolis, black propolis, yellow propolis and read propolis according to different regions. Green propolis may be more well-known at present, but more and more studies on red propolis in recent years have found that it has more nutritional value than green propolis.

Types of propolis

Red propolis is named “ruby” due to its deep red color andunique nature of the local vegetation, red propolis has created a unique combination of nutrients. The main physiologically active substances in propolis are flavonoids. The higher the contect of flavonoids, the stronger the physiological activity of propolis, i.e. the stronger the health care effect. Scientists conducted molecular and research on the chemical composition of natural Brazil red propolis and found that it contains 42 different types of flavonoid compounds, 6 of them are unique to red propolis.

The main function of Brazil Red products:

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Brazil Red - Bee Propolis Blood Sugar Formula

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